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Shot from scratch video examples can be seen here

ACTORS SHOWREELS Your show reel footage from DVD or tape can be edited into a slick and punchy compilation, which casting directors and agents will watch without being bored. If you want a reel with a long montage at the front end, I don't do them! Not because I can't, but because I am sure casting directors do not want to see them! They assume you can walk, run, laugh and smile when don't need to make the viewer sit through a montage which just uses up valuable time on the reel.

CAN I USE FOOTAGE SHOT FROM SCRATCH?:  YES! Some actors assume fresh footage will not look or sound as good as footage taken from a film or TV programme.  As long as your reel shows you acting and reacting well, and it conveys the message "this is a good actor"  your reel has done its job!  Therefore creating some new scenes, well focused with clear sound and shot on a professional camera, is perfectly acceptable. Granted, badly shot footage with terrible sound will not be viewed favourably, but I only shoot with a professional cameras, and quality mics; this will look and sound very good.  Shot from scratch video examples can be seen here

Some previous actors views and thoughts.

I am so pleased with the re-edit Mark has done for me.  He is professional and efficient, and talks you through the process step-by-step. I really feel the thing that makes Mark stand out from other showreel companies is that he's an actor & director himself. He has up-to-date information on what the Casting Directors are looking for in an actor's reel, so you know you won't be wasting their time or your money! Since adding the new reel to my Spotlight page I have been signed to a new agent and cast in two TV roles! So thanks Mark, for helping things move along for me!
Sarah Beasley actress  

Mark is a highly skilled and talented editor who will take the best of your work and create for you an outstanding showreel.  Mark is true to the wording on his website as to the nature of the edit; he will not finish editing and re-editing until you are absolutely 100% satisfied and all done for the initially agreed fee.
STUART ADAMS   see video below  Also on casting call pro.

I am thrilled with my showreel that Mark has put together. I came to him with footage that wasn't brilliant quality but he made the absolute best of it. He worked very efficiently and has a really good eye for what will look best. I was particularly impressed with the individual attention he gave my showreel - I had every confidence in his professionalism and he really made sure I had the complete edit that I wanted. I would highly recommend his services to anyone, Mark really knows his stuff and will put you at your ease!
ABIGAIL PREECE   Also on Casting call pro.

The selection of clips I gave Mark were not perfect, but he has worked miracles and produced a showreel I am very happy with. Mark took on board all of my requests - right through to the tiniest detail. He also gave great advice and suggestions regarding which clips showed me off best, where to cut scenes, and the running order. He was great at keeping me up to date with the editing process, sending me numerous drafts for approval until I was completely happy. I would definitely use him again, and recommend him to others.
SUZIE BRAIN  see video below   also on Casting call pro

Delighted with my new showreel, a fabulous job done by Mark Kempner. If you're looking for someone to edit bits you've already got or shoot stuff from scratch Mark is your man. I really felt I was in a safe pair of hands. He's taken the time out to find what casting directors want to see. He is full of good and sensible advice drawn from a lifetime of working in our industry. Will definitely use Mark again and highly recommend him.
TRACEY   see video below  Also on Casting call pro

"I found Mark totally committed to giving me the showreel that was best for me. Great attention to detail, and lots of advice on what works best for the industry marketplace. Choosing the right scenes, finding the pace, music and editing, were all made easier with Marks knowledge and technical know-how. Getting it onto the right formats, for Spotlight, agent and casting directors was also made simple and quick. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to any actor looking to make a new ,or re-edit an old showreel."

This is the second show reel Mark has edited for me. industry people having viewed it - always comment on its excellence. Mark is very thorough, and ensures you are completely happy before making the final DVD. He also helped me with the correct FILE formats for Spotlight etc. I completely recommend his services and he is excellent value for money 
see video below

Mark provided an excellent service. I provided him with very little material to work with, but he created a seamless showreel that tells a story in itself. Furthermore, he worked at great speed to finish the job and took great care in implementing the various elements I wanted to include. As an actor with many years in the business, Mark has a detailed knowledge of what is required in a show reel, so his honesty and suggestions meant I got a show reel that was completely tailored to me.

Mark was great, and really took the time to edit my showreel from my own supplied footage and it's just as I wanted it. Mark re-edited some of the footage to feature me even more. He made certain I was completely happy with it, and helped me with the final DVD and website encoding for CCP and Spotlight versions. I did not have to worry about anything. I would certainly recommend Mark to anyone wanting a showreel.

I highly recommend Mark Kempner for showreel editing and shot-from-scratch. As an actor, he understands what a showreel should be; what to showcase, what to leave out, etc. Trust him and his instinct - he knows his business! He was very professional throughout the whole process - we discussed scripts beforehand, discussed casting type, rehearsed before the shoot and his input into length, material, lighting, sound, etc was truly invaluable. The thing with Mark is, you've got to trust him and his experience in and of the industry - listen to his ideas and if in doubt, always go with his. I guarantee you'll be the better for it and walk away with the best product possible! 

I think you’ve done a fantastic job with these.  The picture and sound quality really is terrific and the editing is great  HELEN GRADY   see video here

I am thrilled with my newly edited showreel. Mark really took the time to go through all my footage and give helpful and honest advice. He sent over drafts and re-edited it to get it just right. Would absolutely recommend him and you won't be disappointed.













See shot from scratch example scenes here