Actors showreel scenes, shot from scratch

Jilly Breeze acting showreel scene

Directed and edited by Mark Kempner. Written by the actors in the film; Jilly Breeze & John Martin Stevens

Tracey:  Actress showreel

Tracey wrote the three scenes herself, and also two TV clips of previous work were edited
together and integrated into the reel. The reel has recently got Tracey into a BBC casting.

Suzanna Hughes acting showreel

Suzanna Hughes actress showreel. Monologue scene shot and edited by me....with her own script,
mixed in with other TV & Film clips provided by Suzannah.

The following three scenes were shot from scratch

The scenes were written by the 3 actors. The 3 scenes were shot in a day and the
actors split the costs between each other.




Full reel

Full Reel

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