I am playing the role of John in the play "Anchor" The play is directed by Nancy Medina and is being performed at the Salisbury Arts centre on Sunday 7th February 2016.

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NEWS: In post production: The movie "criminal" Starring Kevin Costner in which I play a stroppy black cab driver opposite Ryan Reynolds.

Most recent work:
 Finished my 5th Panto at The Buxton Opera house for Channel Theatre Co, playing King Custard in Jack and the Beanstalk with Steve Naylor as Dame Trot.
REVIEW: "The slapstick scene with Silly Simon & King Custard played by Buxton panto stalwart Mark Kempner was perfectly timed with just the right amount of exaggeration."

Recently played Harry in a new short play "Reunited" at the Everyman theatre: directed by Jacqui Crago.

I have also played 3 large roles in 3 new plays for The Cheltenham Everyman Theatre new writing week directed by Paul Milton
"Mark Kempner’s characterisation of Mr Fry was uncanny"

I have played yet another Victorian a great little scene from Dr Who Deep Breath.  Directed by Ben Wheatley.

WORLDS END I played "Dave"  A Publican, on WORLDS END with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - Edgar Wright directing.

Brand new showreel for 2016!


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OTHER WORK: I created the voice for Business Mouse for the writers of Modern Toss and channel 4's comedy Blapps series. It was also screened at Channel 4's launch party and received plenty of laughs! A comedy rough diamond one might describe as a cross between Alan Sugar & Frank Butcher and Top Cat! Five episodes are on the Business Mouse page

Also the new Channel 4 TV cartoon Modern Toss series Robin Hood of Essex is now live, in which I play the role of Friar Tuck!

For BBC Radio 4, I have played the Barman, GERRY in Radio 4's Men of Hope.

I'm chuffed that "Golf With a Shotgun" is still getting nice reviews and is to be screened in Cannes. read review      Gorilla Film review     website

Under my show reel page, you will find my video showreel    My voice over demos can be heard on the voices page


PHILIP DART:  Director at Scene Three Creative & Channel Theatre Co: “I have directed Mark on many occasions and always found him a resourceful and talented actor. He is a great company member who is dedicated to improving his craft and someone I always look forward to working with”

PAUL MILTON: Artistic director. Everyman Theatre Cheltenham: “Mark is a most intuitive actor, with a real charm and presence.  He was a lovely actor to have in the rehearsal room – an actor with an opinion, a good work ethic and a keen sense of humour.”

JACQUI CRAGO: Voice coach, Director at Bristol Old Vic, & RSC:    “I directed Mark Kempner in a new ‘two-hander’ play at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, September 2014. He was a good company member and a delight to work with. Open and receptive to direction he was also skilled at bringing his own creative ideas to the process of character and relationship development. Mark’s ability to connect with text and his easy, natural handling of dialogue brought an engaging truth to each performance. I feel he has a quality particularly suited to television but also to good, modern theatre.”


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On location with Ryan Reynolds

Mark Kempner JGW Photography

Mark Kempner JGW Photography


Business mouse!

Suspicions of Mr Whicher with Paddy Consadine


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